Cleaning Trip

Interactive system that tracks a color via Computer Vision for cleaning a simulated mirror. After some percent of cleaning, the system triggers an Augmented Reality event, that shows a brain following the user with Face Tracking.

Tools: WebCam, Screen, Computer, OpenFrameworks.

Interactive Logo

For the 2015's edition was developed an interactive logo, that was fragmented into small reactive particles, and was projected in a wall where the audience could interact with it through a Kinect.


It was developed a system that allows the user to play with sand to simulate a landscape, at the same time the altitude curves are detected with a Kinect and are video mapped on the sand.

Reactive Geodesic

The reactive geodesic was intended to exemplify the net that you need to achieve an optimum team work. The users had to make a human chain from the center of the geodesic and touch the structure to close a circuit, when that was achieved, an increasing audiovisual experience was started using led strips and speakers.

Motoko´s Interactive

For the Mariana Motoko's exposition: "Paisajes Personales" it was developed a interactive system where the user could play (through a Kinect) with some nature elements dancing y changing color projected in a wall.

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